Thursday, 28 September 2017


2017 is just a rough year for me.
Shaky start and shaky ride.
Waves just keeps coming at me
trying to drown me i guess
Well,  it's time to let go
That boat is just unbearable.
I finally took that big step and walked away

Time for some self reflect i guess..
Breath suerin breath.
Life must go on.
It aint the end of the world.
The world is still spinning indeed

To me,  people are still so scarry....
They tend to be good in front of you and yet...
They eat you alive in front of boss behind your back!

Oh well... Im sure god has a better end for me to venture.
I believe in him. Enough negativity thoughts.
Dissapear disappear!!


Congratulations to my little hunbun giving birth to her first baby jr lee
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A picture of myself where i am still doing well and happy.

Ok toodles peeps. 

Thank you dear father for i am able to go thru this day happily.  Keep all my friend,  family and acquaintances safe,  happy and healthy. Amen.  

Current song : ed shape of you.

Friday, 30 September 2016

#work #pms

Scolding like there is no tomorrow.

And so,  my pea brain wonder when will he stop his bullshit raging.
Ahh perhaps he wont be able to its already in his blood.

Doing these little acts wont gain my respect towards you.  Banging and slamming the table isnt somethings a gentleman and educated person will do.  Your actions shows you are not an educated person but yet a chinaman brain.your choice of tone delivering a message makes a huge difference.  Think twice before reaction and speaks.  A respectable person wont be doing or giving such reaction. You wanted to be respectable so buck up and act like one respectsble person,  yet ure giving an impression of wanting to be feared. I prefer to be respected rather than bwing fear by others.
#justsaying #terasathennasiblah #speakout #pieceofmythoughts
Ps.  Screw you for looking down on me.  It isnt a crime to to stupid. Just wait for it.  Whats comes around goes around. I do believe in karma.

Monday, 26 September 2016


Doesn't  mean you are up,  you can anyhow use your words.
Remember,  you wont be forever up there.  Lifes a cycle. Even it doesnt happen to you,
It doesnt mean that your generation wont get it.

Remember what comes around goes around.
 Being ego wont bring you far.  Stop ur bossy attitude.
Accusing peoplee and scolding people when it actually wasnt ppls fault.. And later on, you realized it was your fault and u just act as if nothing happend. Screw it..


Sunday, 11 September 2016


Never felt satisfied with what i have.
This feeling suddenly hit me whereby i should be grateful for what i have.
People with disability trying their best in everything and yet,  i am ranting over my life and never be satisfied for all i had.
I need to change and thank god for all i had.
Forgive my foolishness.
I need to change my mentality.

Current playlist-youth.

Saturday, 27 February 2016


Close and eye and just do it.

living up to oths expectations is tiring.
i need to try.
try hard.
holding on to it.
life still goes on.

being caught in between and being ordered around is just not fun.
i shouldn't have negative thoughts.
i need to open up and be rational.
think and put urself in ppls shoes and try to understand.
i need to remind myself to this to keep my cool.
stop cursing and scolding ownelf. self reflect time is just so not my style.
but as i grow old, i need to understand.
i need to set a good example.

life just get tiring.

Thursday, 4 February 2016


the end.

die die also idw let you have my money for corruption!


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Wednesday, 3 February 2016


im alive.still here.
making decisions is just too hard.
guidance..nt much..

thank you sleepless nights.
eye bags spotted.
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